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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 7, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we're live in oakland where a shooting took maceover night. relief as a deal averts an ac transit strike. that and what the riders and drivers are saying this morning. it is a big day in the bart labor dispute. this morning the critical showdown between management and the unions. >> what caused the lights to go out for tens of thousands of people overnight. thank you for joining us. let's check weather, traffic and steve is there.
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he is busy. your weather watchers are busy. >> epfully san francisco. sal is getting the same responses. there is a lot of drizzle out there. a big cloud deck. we had high midlevel clouds. >> they were cool. everything with that low t translates into cooler temperatures. >> you are right about that fog and some of the same people have been tweeting me or the drizzle, pardon me. it is wet on the roads. it could be a little trickier. 280 here. it is good. the bridge moderate. back to the desk. >> thank you. we have breaking news a tragedy in oakland. a boy and his fath were child a shooting in oakland. we have a photo of the child. tell us what you know, tara. >> reporter: baby andrew those
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are the cries we heard. and they are grief stricken here. let's show you a picture of the child we're talking about, 1 year old shot and killed her. it was early this morning, along with his father. someone crept into the backyard of the house here and shot the two. you can see the porch light is on inside of the home. police have roped off the street. this very been interviewing people inside the home. and neighbors say that 6 to # shots range out. >> police say that someone fired into the back room of the home and striking the man and his baby. the baby was taken to the hospital and later died. the father died here on the scene. we saw homicide detectives walk out. they are canvassing the neighborhood and they are sifting through the evidence. to give you an idea where it is. we're near 880.
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police have been going door to door. we don't know what the mote seive for if there is a suspect description. we know the coroner has been called out and we will keep you updated regarding any new developments. live from oakland. 6:02. today family members and friends of a missing woman will pass out flyers in hopes of finding her. sandra coke was seen sunday night she went to meet someone who said they found her missing dog. her dog was stolen a couple of months ago. her sister said she is an investigators for the public defender's office in sacramento. she is a single moth weir a 15 year old daughter. >> my sister was about her daughter and work. she was not someone who went out late at night. >> her sister said someone tried to extort money from coke saying they had her dog when they did not. she says that both coke's work phone and home cell phone had
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been found. one was off exit ramp 80. her car was found two miles from her house. a very emotional plea for the return of two missing children. coming up for you at 6:23, the message the father had for the family friend accused of taking his children. riders are reacting after an ac transit strike is averted. we're live right where the deal was reached and prevented a strike this morning. >> reporter: if you are waking up and ac transit rider we have good news, the buses will be on time. and on these boards you can see no strike all buses will operate on strelg schedule. getting the word out because this was a late night deal. i want to show you video from this morning. and over at 14th and broad way.
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that is a gathering point, that's a busy busy intersection for ac transit. and riders were showing and riders showing up for work. and everyone expressing a lot of relief. we talked to one woman who was not sure how to get home. and excited to hear that the buses would be running. here is a reaction. >> what did you think. >> i work at denny's late night. >> you were not sure how to get home. >> ride. i depend on the bus and bart. >> this agreement came at 11 last night. we were there when he this came out with the relieved smiles on their faces to announce that a deal had been reached. the strike had been approved for this morning. when you talk about the 11th
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hour, we were there. it has been a five-month negotiation. the deal is for three years, it does include a raise for employees and employees have are going to have to contribute to their health care costs. members still need to ratify it and we talked with a driver. this is her reaction. >> it is so-so. >> in between you are not happy with what you are hearing about the details. >> the details are fair but 50- 50 is what we're feeling. we want to keep the buses rolling though. >> how confident are you that the agreement will be ratified by the members. >> very much. >> reporter: she says she is feeling 50-50 she will vote for it and get it on the books and get another three years of being back at work without any fears of a strike or disruption of service now. ac transitit's gm issued a statement that said that there are no winners and losers but
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expressed relief that service will be running. let's come out here live in and you can see the bus past us. and good news. if that's your bus it is coming to you. along with all the other buses on the route. now to the coverage of the bart labor dispute, this morning management and labor union leaders will present their cases to a special board of inquiry. the hearing will take place at the state building in oakland. both sides will summarize the issues and how a strike or a lock out would affect the public. the board will report the findings to the governor by the end of the week and the governor could call for a 60 day cooling off period. now the hearing starts at 10:30 a.m. it is open to the public. as we mentioned it will be held
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in the state of california building at 1515 clay street in oakland. we'll stream that hearing live on our web site. that's at the power is on for customers in san francisco. equipment failure is blamed for knocking out power to 36,000 pg and 6 customers in the districts just before midnight n about 45 minutes after that. the power was restored and back on. let's check on the commute. it has been smooth in most areas. >> it has been and there is didle out there. i got a tweet from someone in the marina and pacifica and down the coast it is like rain has fallen and roads are wet. let's take a look at the bay bridge. our camera is wet and what
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happens here is that the camera which is an auto focus just focuses on the water not the cars. so as a result those dots there. that are piling up they are cool looking. those are cars that backed up all the way, i don't know why i'm having fun with that. it is beyond the overcrossing. there are no problems 101. it is moving along nicely. driving in san jose the sensors are not showing us much but slowing 101. let's go to steve. >> thank you for explain explaining that on the camera. we have a strong low right off and that is giving us light rain. and san francisco 67.
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today 70s or 60s. web it checks in at 70 and it is normally 90 that is a big cool down. the low has lifted the bases and thursday looks to be the coolest day when it moves in. it may get us another round of clouds and it may need some shower activity tomorrow not today. it will be in the north bay near the area. we'll have to see. it is producing a little bit of activity toward northeast california and northern california. it will be very slow to move. a lot of 70s. and berkeley 64. very, very cool pattern. san jose 72. warmer towards and gill roy 70. and santa cruz. partly cloudy. and a bit warmer on the weekend. time now is 6:10.
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embattled politician anthony weiner caught in a heated exchange. >> there you go. >> i heard what you said. a confrontation with a fellow candidate. a popular special store in san francisco.
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welcome back to the channel 2 morning news. we have breaking news regarding
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relations. the white house just announced that the president is cancelling plans to meet with the russian president putin during an economic summit. this video of a meeting between the two leaders. and the it reflects the tension over russia harboring edward snowden. and last night he made his sixth appearance on the tonight show with jay leno. and the president explained his health care law. >> reporter: he talked about the affordable health care act. starting in october, people can join places and shop around for lower cost health care. a lot of consumer protections are in place. for example. patients get rebates if the companies spend more than 20% of rem presumes on administrative costs. and college graduates can stay on their parent's plans for a
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longer period of time. and the president told leno people in california will save a lot of money. >> here in california it is estimated it will be you know 20, 30% cheaper than what you are getting. we'll give you subsidies. tax credits if you cannot afford it. >> and jay asked the president for the scoop on hillary clinton's visit to the white house last week. the details he gave out when i see you next. and as part of a swing through southern california, the president today will visit marines at camp pendleton. at 10:00 the president is scheduled to take part in an online question and answer session about housing. it will be on the real estate web site zillow. a half hour chat will be moderated by the ceo of zillo. there are ways to to submit a question. can you create a video of the question and share it on
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twitter or facebook using the hash tag ask obama housing. and submit a question on zillo's facebook page or tweet a question to at zillo ask obama hash tag. from the president -- former president will leave a dallas hospital today, day after a successful heart operation. and the doctors discovered a blockage during the former president's physical. and he agreed to the recommendations that a stent be inserted to take care of the heart problem. the doctors say the former president is in great spirits and resume his regular schedule tomorrow. and the latest controversy involving anthony weiner. the new york politician was recorded in an exchange with george mcdonald after a debate among the candidates. mcdonald accused him of
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starting the confrontation by patting him on the chest. san francisco's studio of modern art may be closed but the store is open for business. a grand opening will be for the temporary location at 5 in san francisco. shop exercise visit the second location at sfo. it is scheduled to open in 2016 after three years of renovations. time turning 6:17. let's go to sal. one of the things we're watching via the web. >> we had a couple of tweets and telling you about them. and the traffic and it may be affected if you are using one exist. the traáe is not affected. that's whacked -- backed up out to the maz or shy of the maze. metering light robs on if you are driving north and southbound 880 traffic moving
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along nicely. no matter problems here. looking at the south bay. the sensor is not showing us a lot which is good for a start into the valley. now 6:17. steve? >> thank you, sir. lots of clouds and people sending me twitter pictures saying these are cool clouds. not the low clouds but midlevel. and it is a beautiful evening. and it is always beautiful but i know what she is talking about. and come eye lose clouds. 15,000. generally around there. this is part of the low rotating around those tomorrow. could see another band of those coming through t bears watching. light rain and in san francisco and reports, drizzle or mist in the inland areas. and 50s. and mostly cloudy. and low cloud deck made out and
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southwest winds. and out to sacramento. the cloud cover. and northeast california. the key will be tomorrow for us f the low is in and just to the north. i think we're in line for a possibility not only the low clouds but build-ups. and it bears watching. and 82. and can field. fairfield 76. and these are way below average for antioch. livermore. that's good 13 below average. oakland 65. and 64 berkeley. san jose. that's below average. 70s for gill roy. 75 and 70s in santa cruz. 50s on the coast or the 60s. and palo alto. and 74. cool with partly cloudy skies. and maybe development on thursday. but the low is pushing north which allows warmer weather on the weekend. and taco bell will launch a
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breakfast menu next year. it is expanding the waffle tacos. they are folded around eggs and sausage and a side of syrup and the best selling item from the menu so far. it is starting tomorrow they will be available in 100 restaurants across the country. the closest to us is fresno. >> okay. >> i don't know if that beats the chicken and waffles. >> ky investigate it and bring you a report. >> thank you. mill wons of dollars of drugs seized off the california coast. wither a boat was raided and what they found on board. and oakland apartment building catches fire. what the neighbors think may have park sparked that fire. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range.
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welcome back to the channel 2 morning news at 6:23. investigators are looking into what caused a fire at an apartment building in oakland. flames and smoke blackened the walls and damaged the units and some people believe the fire was not an accident investigators say it is too early to make that determination. and fortunately no one was injured in the fire. and the sweden's team is getting ready for another race.
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yesterday the swedish team was back in the waters of the bay for the first time since the loss of a teammate three months ago. and andrew simpson was killed when their boat flipped over in may in a practice run. >> we wanted to be out there we wanted him with us. that was not going to be. >> the team they lost the race and they are hoping for a victory today when they compete in the second heat against the titan team. and this morning a manhunt is underway for a man who abducted the men who are the subject of a state wine alert. police say that james dimaggio set his home on fire killing the mother and a child. the and they have issued an alert. and the 16 year old and now
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family members believe that the child found in the home is eton. they are pleading for the safe return. >> jim,ky not understand what you were thinking let my daughter go. you have taken everything else. >> police say that may be driving a blue four door nissan. he may be headed to. > texas or canada. the parents are divorced and he was a family friend. pam, the amber alert for the children took a lot of people by surprise. they didn't realize that new phones come equipped to receive the alerts. it is the first time it was sent out statewide. you have to opt-out if you
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don't want the alerts but the chp hopes that the technology will make a difference and the searchs for the missing children. i think that it is for the greater good. looking out for the children and everything like that. i think it should go out for every child that's missing. >> they have helped police. an 11 month old girl was found after an alert was issued in march. and 6:26 is the time now. let's check in with sal, how is the commute? >> it is okay. it is being affected by drizzle and traffic is moving along relatively well up to 17. and no problems reported on the mountains and the valley. 680 southbound is good as you drive through. and driving to the south bay.
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travis and fairfield this is a big fog bank and even cooler a lot of 60s and 70s. and drizzle. and law enforcement in southern california have made a dent in the marijuana smuggling ring. and agents stopped a boat that had more than 4 million of illegal pot. they made the stop because the boat did not have the proper naffational lights on. they discovered 38 bales and packages of marijuana and two people were arrested. we're coming up on 6:30 a suspect is already in custody in a stabbing at a hardware store. why the investigation though is far from over. >> where people are lining up
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to buy powerball tickets. how much it is up to and coming to the specific store. >> if they take you live to wall street this morning for the opening bell. we'll tell you what is happening in earnings this morning. [ female announcer ] jump-start your day
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the opening bell this morning, a lot of companies making headlines this morning and i want to talk about the earnings estimates and beating the street and well. people out shopping and here is the big surprise and facebook morgan stanley raising the target price and to $45 a share. way above the $38 ipo price. we'll have the business news coming up. a lot of stocks on the move. the numbers are headed lower.
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>> fascinating. good morning to you. >> thank you for joining us here. middle of the week now. august 7th. and time now is 6:30. and the crews are tearing down moment where ariel castro held three women captive for years. i want to show you video of the house coming down and a short time ago. and it is less than a week after he was sentenced. security is tight to prevent souvenir hunters from taking pieces of the home. it is called cleveland's house of horrors. we have breaking news we have been following out of oakland. sand news and the shoot-out. and the little boy and now from the scene of the horrific crime. >> and andrew those are the cries and on scene and a
6:32 am
terrible morning. and a boy was shot and killed and there is talking and witnesses. and take away the body of the baby's father. >> this is a picture of drew jackson and family members they arrived and earlier this morning where drew was taken and didn't make it. someone crept in and shot the baby and father while they were in the bedroom. neighbors say 6 to 8 shots before 3:00 this morning. the bullet is striking the man and his one year old boy. the father died on the scene. family members said they love to play outside and toy animals. >> and no mother and bury the child. and and it needs to stop. it needs to stop. they need to pick it up and figure it out and get the guns
6:33 am
off the street. and my nephew did not deserve to get killed. >> to give you an idea of where it happened we're east of 880 and police have been going door to door and asking what they saw or heard. right now we don't know what the motive was here. we do not have a suspect description and we will give you updates regarding any new developments and the police are supposed to be speaking with us within the next half hour and pass along the information. the time is 6:33. investigators searching for a second man who may be tied to that deadly weekend stabbing of a worker in and daniel stone was starting his shift on sunday morning and when someone walked in and stabbed him 17 times. and now charged with the murder and investigators want to talk who came in as agnew and shows
6:34 am
arriving in a white car ahead of the man believed to be agnew. >> we may be able to locate him and see whether or not he may have witnessed some of the interaction between mr. stone and the defendant. that attack was a random act and a mentally unstable man. he told the police he was on a mission. a doctor who pled no contest to molesting the patients will appear in court today. a judge is expected to schedule a sentencing hearing for william ayers. he has been free on # hundred thousand dollars bail while a report is prepared and how likely he is to reoffend. now he pled no contest knack may to mom esstation and he faces 22 years in prison when he is sentenced. and the sprees in the bay
6:35 am
area and the a man they say robbed two banks in san francisco, and it is clear how they are on the video. and the fbi searching they are calling the high jumper bandits and jump over bank counters. they say they may be responsible for the bank robberies and the robbery happened last week at the first bank on gary boulevard in san francisco. and they say the men are armed and they are becoming more violent. here is good news two bay area target stores are looking for workers they are under construction. they want to work there and starting today through saturday and between 9:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the afternoon and all interviews will be held at the building and that's in kent
6:36 am
field. and both stores are scheduled to hope in october. time now is 6:35. and the new day begins and in american history will be up for grabs. and tell us about tonight's powerball drawing and i'm feeling lucky. >> i know i haven't bought my ticket. and it is up to $425 million this is considered and the 7-11 here. and here and buying their powerball and show you what the display up here to prove it is in may. and they won $2 million on the powerball. and there is another check in july. someone got 287 in the fantasy 5. people this morning are hoping to get lucky again and as i mentioned the estimated the jackpot is up to $425
6:37 am
million that's the fourth largest ever and prompt millions of ticket sales here in california and all over the country. workers here say that sales of the tickets have been very good and most people go for getting the quick pick where they pick the numbers. and if they win it and translates -- translates into a lump sum. and that's motivation and who bought in san jose. this what a man had to say. >> this is the lucky store a million dollars ticket. and i'm here to buy my powerball. >> even though it is a one, you know -- >> 175 million chance. >> someone is going to win, right. >> and multistate lottery association says if no winning combination is drawn tonight, quote, we with be in a world record territory unquote going
6:38 am
into saturday's drawing. now tickets are $2 each. they were 1 dollar. that was changed because a lottery officials say they hope to build the jackpots faster and general rate more money. and if this store gets lucky again it is going to get some bonus money. it has to win and the jackpot from san jose. are you feeling lucky? >> i need that money, i need the whole 425 million. >> i have a lot of places to spend it. >> i know sal likes to think about it. >> that's what the $2 gets you. you may not win i have my items. let's go out and take a look at the commute. and commute traffic could not be see if you win the lottery you don't have to wait in traffic. backed up to for a delay here at the toll plaza. the drizzle has gone away.
6:39 am
and how the camera was acting weird and having trouble focusing but the drizzle is gone here. now we're getting a clear picture at the toll plaza and not all that bad. and this is a look at 880 northbound and southbound here at the coliseum. and driving north into downtown oakland. and they have not been picking up a lot and it is pretty good and let's go to steve. >> well, lots of gray skies .06. .06. there are measurable amounts and caught it light rains. i will not argue. and makes it out to fairfield and stockton. and 83 and san francisco 68
6:40 am
today. 71 napa and anti-identical. and 73. anywhere. and 50s and 60s. >> and there will be low 70s out to long creek and concord and 70s. and brentwood. this a very, very cool pattern. 50s and 60s. and 57 sfo. we're stuck. napa is in there. the low clouds have made it. out of the west southwest at 22. napa and west wind concord and west wind and 10. this is just a screaming on shore breeze and a lot of clouds yesterday and floating around. and and send the information.
6:41 am
and today and northern california. the low moves through but it is interesting. temperatures will be on the cool side and drizzle. light rain and mist well inland. i mean it has a lot of umph. this is giving us a cool pattern. and nevado 52. and crockett 67. 73 concord. 65 in oakland and 70s gill roy. 50s and 60s, low 70s on the peninsula. warmer but not until the weekend. thank you. time now is 6:41. another city hosting a gun buy back event where it will happen next and how much money is involved. reacting after assume good news and ac transit strike has been averted.
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welcome back, a look at some of the top stories. a sad story from oakland, a baby boy and his father were killed this morning a shooting and we have obtained this photo of the child who was killed hours ago. police are telling ktvu someone fired shots into the back bedroom of a home and the 20
6:45 am
year old father may have been the intended target. >> grass fires are under investigation right now. they started just hours ago near bailey avenue off highway 101. it took about 30 minutes to put the fires out. they say it is too early to know what may have caused those flames. and finally good news for commuters the ac transit strike has been averted. no strike. and we are standing by to tell us more about the agreement that kept the ac transit workers on the job and not walking off. >> they saw the bus roll through and the avenue. there is another coming our way and up and running that's the good news. one of the stops where they have a sign regular service is in operation and when the
6:46 am
announcement was made. a deal has had been done t includes a nine and a half percent wage increase. and the they agreed on the contributions for health care which will help ease the burden. a lot of smiles over the ability or avert the strike which was scheduled to go into effect at 1201. we heard from the union about when they knew a deal would be done. >> those moments come when you know. you negotiated the best contract that you can. >> and that moment did come and we decided we need to wrap it up and take it back to the members and we did the best we can do. and keep in mind it is important that we serve the public this is the same way for
6:47 am
113 years. >> you are looking now we shot about 4:45 this morning. >> and oakland as they normally do and getting ready to head out on the routes. we talked to the riders and drivers as they were showing up. and not sure how they would get home and they were running. it may not be a perfect deal. and the people we talked to said they will vote for it and believe that the members will vote on it and vote to approve it. back out here live and things are very, very busy. and a if you are just waking up a and wondering if they can hop on the bus like you normally do
6:48 am
every day. and time now is 6:47. the president was talking about housing yesterday in phanoenix that made some people pretty angry. protesters held signs and they chanted in spanish and they say the president should have been focused on immigration reform while in arizona. the president had supporters there and including the so- called the dreamers who came as children and now they're able to get work permits. >> and safety for the first time. we have to fight for that. if you want and any minute and he is not in there talking about the issues that are going on. the senate passed reform legislation and that issue remains stalled in the house of representatives. san francisco will be the latest bay area city to host an
6:49 am
event. people bringing in unloaded guns will receive $100. it comes from donations and city funds. that event runs from 6 do 8 p.m. tomorrow night. it will be in the parking lot of the u.s. bank on 22nd and cap streets. the national night out is a success. and the he brought along a police officer and a dog. it is one of dozens of neighborhood event get togethers and some 40 million took part across the country and 15,000 communities. >> i met the officer mc ruff. >> he is a good guy. >> take bite out of time. it is
6:50 am
a burning big rig. and tuesday and a stalled car. i don't mean to make light of it. and get up on the incline section and get it out of there soon. westbound on the incline section. there is a stalled car there. and san mateo and the commute there are no problems and slowing on northbound 101. 650. very good morning and cool morning and love drizzle as well. and overcast and brentwood and travis and fairfield. that's a strong push and this is the reason why.
6:51 am
and midlevel clouds and partly cloudy skies. even sacramento is looking at 80s. showers to the north and temperatures a mix of high and clow clouds. we had more yesterday we'll see a repeat tomorrow. and that cloud cover is producing a bit of shower activity. california northern sacramento valley. maybe tomorrow for us if the low is over the area. and north then to the north bay. temperatures hard pled to get above 78 or 79. and that's a very high i would not be surprised. and low 70s. coast 50s and 60s. and santa cruz that's going to not last long. and layers of clouds and the coolest day and temperatures slowly warm up by the weekend. samsung has applied for a trademark that connects to the internet. it is worn on the wrist.
6:52 am
the giant calls the product galaxy gear and the device would be in the form of a wrist watch, band or a bracelet. the trademark application filed in south korea and the us and they are racing to be on the cutting edge of a wearable electronics. >> interesting. and 6:52. something is scary out there in the bay. photos to show you a great white shark off the waters of san francisco. and ryan seacrest get as new show.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back and a live look at the big board. and the numbers are lower this morning and down and the 500. people are being told to lock their doors and windows. and there have been six robberies and the first one and the most recent and the first and it appears entered the
6:56 am
home. and unlooked doors. 6:55. there is a warning if you like to swim or wind surf on the bay. >> and near fort mason. and they room off the coast i'm not a shark expert but a young shark. >> people who like to travel with pets and is sick. you have a new alternative. and jet set jets it has ride along vet service. >> the jets are cost $12,000 an hour. and the charges for medical care and for drugs.
6:57 am
he will host and produce a game show called the million second quiz. he says that the contestants will live in an hour glass building and they compete for a million seconds or about 11 and a half days. he will host american idol. he is the only original cast member on that show. >> he seems to do quite a bit though. a lot of things. >> and 7:00 sal has traffic. >> and getting word of a new crash and show you pam and dave the toll plaza. that's morecrowded now and a stalled vehicle and off the bridge. it was being pushed off last week spoke and traffic is backed up all the way out to the maze. and a new crash and gillman street and up above there and the top of your picture. there is a report of a crash in one of the lanes.
6:58 am
that's the loop and see gillman. we'll follow it up on mornings on 2. and a lot of low clouds they make it out to the valley and that is maxing out. we get the low clouds and sun it is breezy and reports of drizzle and stay on the cool side for another day or two. >> coming up. more on the breaking news a terrible tragedy in oakland. a baby and father killed in an early morning shooting. and the blame has been on shifting the blame in one case. back with more in a moment.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> reporter: we're live in oakland where a young father and his 1-year-old son are gunned down inside their bedroom. we'll tell you what family members are saying about the baby. this morning there's one less worry for east bay commuters. the good news for thousands of bus riders in the east bay. a major new development in the fatal shooting of oscar grant. why some of the blame may be shifting away from johannes mehserle. the excitement is growing right along with the jackpot. someone


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